How to Repair a Hose with a Plastic Hose Mender

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Identify the broken section of pipe


Begin by identifying the broken or torn section of the hose. You will need to determine which hose mender is appropriate for the damaged section.

Cut damaged section


Cut away the damaged section of hose, making sure the cuts are straight and even, else the mender will not provide a full seal and leaks may occur.

Remove clamps from mender


Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the screws from the mender and extract the barbed fitting.

Insert barbed fitting


Insert the barb fitting into the hose. It may be necessary to warm the hose in the sun or use soapy water to get the proper fit.

Place clamps over barbed fitting and hose


Position the clamps over the barb. Make sure the fitting is facing the right direction or it will not provide a full seal and leaks may occur.

Fasten screws on mender


Fasten the screws with a screwdriver and test the mended hose for leaks.