How to Water Trees and Shrubs with Drip Emitters

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Determine water source


Determine your water source and make sure it has some sort of pressure regulation on it. Optimal pressure range is 20-40 psi.

Lay out drip pipe


Lay out the distribution tubing to the desired length and secure it with ½-inch tubing stakes.

Perforate pipe


Using a hole-punch tool, poke a hole in the 1/2-inch distribution tubing.

Insert barbed fitting


Insert a 1/4-inch barb into the hole.

Attach drip tubing


Slide pre-measured and cut 1/4-inch distribution over the barb. Remember the 1/4-inch distribution tubing must be long enough to stretch from the 1/2" distribution tubing to the tree or shrub you desire to water.

Attach emitter


Slide a drip emitter into the end of the 1/4-inch distribution tubing. Select the proper gallons per hour emitter based on the size and watering needs of your tree or shrub as well as the length of time you plan to water. (Consult your local nursery or garden center for watering needs of individual plants.)

Secure tubing to ground


Use a stake to secure the emitter and place next to the tree or shrub to be watered. Remember, some trees or shrubs may require multiple emitters.