How to Replace a Sprinkler Head

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Step 1


Using pliers loosen and remove your broken sprinkler head from the riser.

Step 2


Remove the head from the ground. Be sure you have removed the entire sprinkler body rather than just the cap.

Step 3


Make sure there is no debris in the hole and put the new head into the hole where the old one was. Simply screw and tighten the new head onto the existing riser. (Make sure you replace the broken head with same size head.)

Step 4


Use your plyers to make certain the new head is snug.

Step 5


Flush the line with water to make certain there is no debris in the line. If you are using a sprinkler with a flush cap, like the Orbit Eco-Spray head, you can simply turn on the particular zone to flush the line. If you have a pre-installed nozzle in your replacement head, remove the nozzle before flushing the line.

Step 6


Install a new nozzle by removing the flush cap (if using an Orbit Eco-Spray head) or reinstall the nozzle that was on the head before flushing the line. Simply insert the filter and screw the nozzle onto the head.