How to Raise a Sprinkler Head

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Dig up around sprinkler


Dig around the sprinkler head 1-3 inches deep to give yourself room to work.

Remove surrounding soil


Gently lift grass and remove dirt around sprinkler head. A small trowel may be necessary for this.

Determine height adjustment needed


Measure how high you need to raise the sprinkler head so that it is flush with ground. You can use your shovel handle as a guide .

Clean around sprinkler


Dig out any dirt around the sprinkler head.

Lift sprinkler


If you have a flexible riser, using your hands, gently lift and work the sprinkler head up. Do not use a shovel as you may damage the sprinkler head or riser.

Determine if riser is necessary


If you are using a rigid riser, measure the riser below the head. Cut off risers work for almost any required height adjustment.

Fill in dirt


Fill and pack the dirt surrounding the sprinkler head, paying attention to the dirt below the sprinkler to ensure it is level and high enough.

Replace grass


Replace the dirt and grass around the sprinkler, making sure to pack the remaining dirt around the sprinkler.