How to Install Drip Emitters

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Step 1


Determine your water source and make sure it has some sort of pressure regulation on it. Optimal pressure range is 20-40 psi.

Step 2


After you have determined your connection, use 1/2-inch drip distribution tubing to connect to the drip-lock fitting at your water source.

Step 3


Now that you’ve connected to your water source, stretch the distribution tubing to the desired length and secure it with ½-inch tubing stakes. With emitters it is a good idea to go down the middle or back of bed and then stretch the ¼-inch tubing the individual plants.

Step 4


Use your punch tool to create a whole in the pipe.

Step 5


Connect a ¼-inch barbed coupling to the whole in the ½-inch distribution tubing.

Step 6


Stretch the ¼-inch tubing to length and cut it just before the stem of the plant.

Step 7


Attach a drip emitter and secure it with ¼-inch stake. Make sure the emitter is pointing directly at the stem so as to best water the roots of the plant.

Step 8


Before securing the ½-inch tubing, it is recommended that you flush the line to get out any debris, which will clog the emitters. Let the water run for 10-20 seconds to properly flush the line.

Step 9


Close off the ½-inch line with an end-cap or figure eight clamp and run the line again to ensure all the emitters are running properly without leaks or clogs.