How to Clean a Sprinkler Filter

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Raise sprinkler


Raise the spray head using your Orbit Sprinkler Pull Up tool.

Clamp base with pop up tool


Clamp the base of the spray stem with the Orbit Sprinkler Pull Up tool to hold it in place.

Remove nozzle


Unscrew the nozzle in a counter clockwise direction.

Remove filter


Remove the nozzle filter and inspect it for debris or damage. If damaged with cracks or large holes, it's a good idea to replace the filter.

Clean filter


Place the filter in the cup of water and let it sit for a about 30 seconds. This will allow any debris to loosen. Then swish the filter around, clearing it of any obstructions.

Replace filter


Inspect the filter again for any unremoved blockages and remove them with your fingers or a push pin.

Replace nozzle


Reinsert the cleaned filter to the stem and screw the nozzle back on, making sure it is oriented correctly.

Remove pop up tool


Unclamp the stem and gently let it return to resting position.