How to Adjust a Saturn IV Gear Drive Sprinkler

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Step 1


Turn the head of your Orbit Saturn IV Gear Drive all the way to the left. Then turn it all the way back to the right to indicate your right stop.

Step 2


Adjust the right stop by loosening the sprinkler collar, removing the stem and reinstalling it so that the arrow points down the right side of your desired area to be watered.

Step 3


Twist the head to the left and back to the right to check the current pattern adjustment of your spray.

Step 4


Ensure that the head is in the right stop position and insert the key into the =/- slot on the top of the head. To increase the angle of your spray, turn the key clockwise. To decrease the angle of your spray, turn the key counter clockwise. (One full turn of the key equals 90 degrees.) Remove the key before you activate your sprinklers.

Step 5


To adjust the distance of your Orbit Saturn IV Professional Gear Drive, insert the key into the hole in the arrow.

Step 6


Turn the key clockwise to decrease the spray distance. Turn the key counter clockwise to increase the spray distance. Do not back the diffuser screw out too far, as it holds the nozzle in place.