How to add a sprinkler to poly pipe using 1/2" Eco-Lock

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Dig up area


Begin by digging up the area surrounding the pipe. Be careful not to break the pipe in the process. You may want to put loose grass and soil on a tarp to keep things clean.

Cut pipe


Once the pipe is uncovered, cut the pipe in two places to remove a small 1" section for the fitting. Be careful not to remove too much pipe.

Attach Poly Tee


Slide the appropriate sized clamp onto each cut side of the poly pipe and insert the barbed by 1/2" FPT fitting into each end of the pipe. (Some flexing of the pipe may be necessary.) Then, use a screw driver to tighten the clamps around the inserted fitting.

Create swing joint (part 1)


To create a swing joint riser, begin by cutting a length of 1/2" Eco-Lock pipe to your needed length. (Length of pipe is determined by measuring the from sprinkler line to where you would like to place the sprinkler head.)

Create swing pipe (part 2)


Screw the 1/2" MPT elbow into the sprinkler head. Insert the 1/2" street elbow into the 1/2" MPT elbow. Then, insert the pre-cut 1/2" Eco-Lock pipe into the street elbow.

Attach swing pipe


Screw the Eco-Lock 1/2" MPT elbow into the tee. Then, insert the 1/2" Eco-Lock tubing and sprinkler assembly by pushing it into the 1/2" Eco-Lock elbow on your sprinkler line.

Position sprinkler


Position the sprinkler by rotating and moving to the desired location.

Bury sprinkler


Test the sprinkler by letting it run for 15-30 seconds, then bury the line with the dirt you removed.

Cover with grass


Cover with grass and you're ready to go!