How to Raise a Sprinkler Head Using Orbit's Push-Fit Riser Solution

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Remove grass and dirt from around the head


Remove grass and dirt from around the head surrounding the old sprinkler head, making sure not to damage the pipe.

Remove old head and fitting


Remove the old head and fitting from pipe and discard, making sure not to get any dirt into the pipe, as this may clog sprinkler heads.

Insert one end of the swing joint into the pipe


Insert swing joint fitting into the pipe.

Insert other end into the sprinkler head


Affix a swing joint fitting to the sprinkler as well.

Measure a length of pipe and cut to the correct size and insert into swing joints


Measure a length of pipe to be placed between the swing joints (usually about 6-inches) and affix the swing joints on both ends. Then screw in the sprinkler.

Position head to the correct height and location


Position the head to the correct height, making sure not to kink the swing joint pipe.

Fill in dirt, compact and replace grass


Fill in the dirt, assure the sprinkler stays in the correct position and compact the dirt, to prevent sinking. Finally, replace the grass and test the sprinkler to make sure it sprays correctly.