How to Program an Easy Set Logic Timer

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Step 1


Make sure your timer is plugged in and properly wired.

Step 2


Set the time by turning the dial to "Set Clock" and enter the time. Pay attention to the AM/PM setting.

Step 3


Next, turn the dial to set date and enter the correct date, starting with year, month and then day.

Step 4


Move the dial to start time and enter the first start time for your system. Pay attention to the programs in the top right.

Step 5


Move the dial to run time and enter the amount of run time for each zone. Navigate between zones with the right and left arrow buttons.

Step 6


Turn the dial to "how often" and select when you'd like your timer to run.

Step 7


Now complete, move the dial to the "auto" selection and the timer will run as you've programmed it.