How to Install Drip Tubing

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Step 1


Determine your water source and make sure it has some sort of pressure regulation on it. Optimal pressure range is 20-40 psi.

Step 2


After you have determined your connection, connect the 1/2-inch drip tubing to your water source.

Step 3


Using various fittings and connections, arrange the tubing to cover the area you want to water, taking into account the spacing of the emitters.

Step 4


Use fittings to connect the tubing in a full loop. This assures optimal flow. You can also tie off the ends if that is easier and still get the desired results.

Step 5


Test the system to make sure all the emitters are working and that there are no leaks at the fittings. When running the zone, make sure you run it long enough to get the best results. Base run time off of emitter output in gallons per hour and the needs of the plants.